How We Sell

The successful marketing of marine products is a process. We work on the sell through, not just the sale.  Our whole company is involved in this process.  For example, if a distributor customer has 30 inside sales people, each of our field representatives will assume responsibility for servicing six.

We visit and service hundreds of dealers from Maine to Virginia. Our annual Spring Blitz is unique in marine industry. Over 30 days, all our dealers are visited by a veteran Atlantic Marketing representative and introduced to new products, just in time for their spring retail selling season.

We train and travel with distributor inside sales people.  We make sure they clearly understand the features and benefits of our products. We train them in the fall, at their own dealer shows and travel with them during the slow winter months.

You’ll see our large trade show booth at key fall shows for retail dealers, where we’ll write orders in what is normally a slow time of year for sales. We like to keep our clients’ production lines busy in the winter.

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