Why Use Reps

Independent sales representatives are the most economical and quickest route to market for most marine products. Your rep – not you – makes the considerable investment of money and time necessary to successfully sell your product. But in today’s very challenging environment, choosing a representative with expertise and experience in your product category, with access to the appropriate Buyers, has never been more important.

While your decision to use a manufacturers representative may start with simple economics, there are many other advantages to engaging established, experienced representation for your company and product line.

Capital For Other Purposes
Since you don’t bear the expense of building, maintaining, or expanding a direct sales force, your cash is freed up for other business activities.

Cost-Effective Marketing
It is relatively inexpensive to select, train and maintain independent representatives. Reps are paid on a commission basis and assume responsibility for overhead expenses.

Reps Will Cover Your Market Faster – and Deeper
Independent representatives with proven experience in a territory offer immediate coverage and penetration through established contacts with their customers.

Put The Power Of Multiple Product Line Selling To Work For You
Independent reps typically handle at least several compatible, but non-competing product lines and the sale of one product can often trigger the sale of others.   This is good news for your rep, too. It increases their selling efficiency and spreads the cost per sales call over a larger product base.

Benefit From Strong Customer Relationships and Market Credibility
Manufacturers representatives build- and nurture – their customer base with meticulous care. They are the mainstay of the markets they serve. Factory sales people may come and go, but your manufacturers representative likely has many years invested in their territory. Well-established rep firms have business and social roots in their territories, which creates strong credibility with customers.

Get Timely Market Intelligence, Research & Feedback
Since reps handle a number of different product lines, they have a broader range of customers and can often sense overall market changes and opportunities earlier and more accurately than factory sales people focused only on their own company’s products.

Availability of Value-Added Services
Many representative firms can also serve as your regional sales offices. A range of services may also be available, including intelligence gathering, forecasting, credit reporting, product detailing, application engineering, and warehousing.