Atlantic Marketing appoints Bryn Bachman as a graphic designer and marketing coordinator

STONINGTON, CONNECTICUT (USA) – Atlantic Marketing Company, one of the oldest and largest marine manufacturer representative firms in the US, has appointed Bryn Bachman as a 316889_111101792334637_1130146222_ngraphic designer and marketing coordinator to complement manufacturers sales and advertising programs.

Brandon Flack, Atlantic Marketing president and managing partner, commented “In today’s fast paced world often times factories cannot fulfill the market demands for specific sales support media. Whether it’s print, web, video or email Bryn adds a marine flavor and focus that is consistent with the brands we represent and the market we are selling into.  With Bryn’s intrinsic knowledge and passion for boating she is a great addition to the Atlantic Marketing team and a great resource for our factories.”

While acting in a support role for Atlantic Marketing’s in house needs, Bryn is available for contract work with factories looking for a more complete marine centric solution.  Below is a portfolio of her current work and current software, skills and educational background.