Henri-Lloyd Appoints Atlantic Marketing

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STONINGTON, CONNECTICUT (USA) – Henri-Lloyd, one of the oldest and most respected marine clothing brands in the world, has chosen Atlantic Marketing Company to represent the company’s technical marine products in the United States and Canada.

“Henri-Lloyd is widely recognized as one of the most trusted and strongest brands in the world, it’s a unique opportunity to be part of such an iconic company at a time when they are redefining technical outerwear in our market,” said Atlantic Marketing President, Brandon Flack. “We are pleased to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to add Henri-Lloyd’s unique assortments in time for the 2020 boating season,” he added.

“We are excited to have Atlantic Marketing represent Henri-Lloyd in the States and Canada,” said Jonas Andersson, the company’s CEO in a statement.  “Brandon and his team bring a wealth of knowledge and impeccable credentials from the marine technical clothing space. They have a proven track record of success in creating winning relationships with their retail partners. As a heritage brand, now entering a second phase of the comeback, we are genuine in our belief in building strong customer relationships. A strong relationship is based on an honest dialog about what has worked well and not so well in the past.  By enlisting Atlantic Marketing, we will create something really special here for many years to come.”

Founded in 1963, Henri-Lloyd became famous through its relentless pursuit of innovation and quality, making products for yachtsmen and women around the world. The original innovative designs remain the template for all modern waterproof performance clothing. Then in the 1980s, the highly influential youth movement of the Milanese Paninari adopted the Original Consort Jacket as its uniform and Henri Lloyd became a credible lifestyle brand across Europe overnight.

Headquartered in Stonington, Connecticut, Atlantic Marketing Company is one of the oldest and largest marine manufacturer representative firms in the US and Canada.  Marine distributors and dealers interested in Henri-Lloyd products should call +1.860.535.8292 or email


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Atlantic Marketings Newest Addition, Danny Lawless

STONINGTON, CONNECTICUT (USA) – Atlantic Marketing Company, one of the oldest and largest marine manufacturer representative firms on the US East Coast has added one more! Atlantic Marketing has selected Danny Lawless to be the newest manufacturer’s representative for our North East territory ranging from Rhode Island to Eastern Canada.


Danny grew up in Rochester, New York where he spent most of his time in and out of local yacht clubs and marinas surrounded by the boating lifestyle. After graduating from Jacksonville University in April 2017 with a Bachelors in Marketing, Danny spent two years as the assistant sailing coach for the university. He was a large asset to the growth of their collegiate program; coaching the team to compete for three national championships in Match Racing, Men’s Single-handed, and Women’s Single-handed for the first time in history.


“I am excited and ready to make the move back north, and very eager to take on the northern territory. This position is in a new but familiar industry and is something I have worked really hard for. I look forward to being an instrumental part in the success and growth of the Atlantic Marketing Company.”


Atlantic Marketing is pleased to have him as a  new sales rep, we believe he is going to make a great addition to our team. Keep an eye out for him at upcoming events!


Atlantic Marketing Company Heads North Into Canada.

STONINGTON, CONNECTICUT (USA) – Atlantic Marketing Company, one of the oldest and largest marine manufacturer’s representative firms on the US east coast, is proud to welcome a new territory, along with a whole new rep group to the team.   James Wright of J D Wright & Associates Marketing Limited has now officially joined Atlantic Marketing Company.

The relationship of  Atlantic Marketing and J D Wright & Associates will create a new team of representatives and a new territory to help promote lines in the eastern Canadian marine market.  We have confidence in the demand for innovative marine products in the Canadian market.

Not only is the original Atlantic Marketing team excited for line growth, but they are grateful to have a new member, Doug Wright.

Brandon Flack, President of Atlantic Marketing, expresses his excitement when he said, “Atlantic Marketing and Doug Wright have great synergies with some amazing brands. We look forward to bringing additional ways to help these brands reach more customers and grow our business together.”

This year’s show season will definitely be a lot bigger for Atlantic Marketing, and they are excited to seek out all the opportunities that lie ahead.


Atlantic Marketing appoints Bryn Bachman as a graphic designer and marketing coordinator

STONINGTON, CONNECTICUT (USA) – Atlantic Marketing Company, one of the oldest and largest marine manufacturer representative firms in the US, has appointed Bryn Bachman as a 316889_111101792334637_1130146222_ngraphic designer and marketing coordinator to complement manufacturers sales and advertising programs.

Brandon Flack, Atlantic Marketing president and managing partner, commented “In today’s fast paced world often times factories cannot fulfill the market demands for specific sales support media. Whether it’s print, web, video or email Bryn adds a marine flavor and focus that is consistent with the brands we represent and the market we are selling into.  With Bryn’s intrinsic knowledge and passion for boating she is a great addition to the Atlantic Marketing team and a great resource for our factories.”

While acting in a support role for Atlantic Marketing’s in house needs, Bryn is available for contract work with factories looking for a more complete marine centric solution.  Below is a portfolio of her current work and current software, skills and educational background.



Be Sure The Exhaust System Is On Your Spring Launch Checklist

THOMASVILLE, GEORGIA (USA) – Most boat owners have a checklist of maintenance items to be performed before spring launch.

Leading exhaust systems manufacturer Centek Industries suggests the following items be included on checklists to avoid exhaust system problems during the boating season.

• Inspect your exhaust system for cracks or other signs of physical damage.

• If you see salt deposits, your muffler is leaking water. If you see any discoloration, your muffler has experienced overheating, damage has occurred and may potentially leak. Before considering a repair or replacement, determine why the leak occurred. Almost 100% of the time, this type of leak indicates that the muffler experienced overheating due to a loss of cooling water in the exhaust stream. If the cause of overheating is not corrected, any repair to your muffler will be a short term solution.

• Inspect and replace hoses that are worn, dry rotted, damaged or cracked.

• Tighten all hose connections. Ideally, hoses should be double-clamped.

• Add sound dampening material on the base of the muffler to reduce noise through the hull and on deck.

• To reduce noise from overboard cooling water discharge, consider adding a Gen-Sep to separate the cooling water from the exhaust gasses. The exhaust gas is then discharged to the atmosphere and the cooling water is discharged below the water line, which will eliminate the splash you hear when the gen-set is running.

• If you’ve repowered, you may also need to replace your exhaust system. To get the most from your new engine or gen-set, it is important to make sure that the exhaust system is properly sized. A properly sized exhaust system provides the best sound attenuation and stays within the backpressure limits set by the engine manufacturer.